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Public Bus Service

There are several bus routes that will take you from the North (back) gate of Jimei campus to downtown Xiamen, Jimei, Tong’an, Haicang or Xiamen. There are some that go along Sunban Nan Lu, running parallel to the Ligong Lu that runs past XMUT’s front (South) gate. Bus numbers may alter their route or schedule. For the main buses, please refer to the following contents:




BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Line 1

Time: 06:10—22:15


[As the BRT Line 1 (BRT快1)does not go to our Jimei campus, from Monday to Friday at 10:10am, a XMUT shuttle bus goes from Jimei campus to Huaqiao University Station (华侨大学站) for the BRT bus.]

The following stations are along BRT Line 1(BRT快1). The less frequent 1B bus goes to/from the Xiamen North Railway Station whereas 1A only goes to the stop before the station. It’s about a 50 minute ride to the end of the line at Diyi Matou Station. Also see Appendix 2 for details for going to some important destinations

Stations: (the more common places of interest are listed)

• 厦门北站 (Xiamen North Railway Station)…... BRT Line 1B, to possibly ensure a seat start here; bus 950, 953, 901, and 907 (not 923, 905)

• 中科院站 (CAS /Chinese Academy of Sciences Station/Zhong Ke Yuan Zhan)…. BRT Line 1A

• 华侨大学站 (Huaqiao University Station) …... bus 907

• 诚毅学院站 (Chengyi College Station) …... to Sun Cuo Lu Ko street; Yong Xiang Gardens residence; bus 907

• 嘉庚体育馆站 (JG Gymnasium Station/Jiageng Stadium Station) …… Xinhuadu shopping center; Renren Le supermarket; catch a L21 bus to the turnaround point on Sunban Nanlu, and then catch a 907, 950, 953, 923 or 901 to Ping Yang Li (express 953 doesn’t stop at PYL) or the campus; catch L22 to Shigu Lu, Jimei

• 集美大桥南站 (Jimei Daqiao South Station)

• 县后站(机场) (Xianhou Station) …… L19 to Xiamen Gaoqi airport (150m walk to airport), or take a taxi

• 双十中学站 (Double Ten Middle School Station)

• 市政务服务中心站 (Xiamen Municipal Administration Service Centre /Shi Zhengwu Fuwu Zhongxin Station/Mucuo) …… Tesco supermarket, Decathlon Sports – sells big shoes

• 金山站 (Jinshan Station) …… transfer to Kimen Is

• 蔡塘站 (Caitang Station)

• 东芳山庄站 (Dongfang Shanzhuang Station)

• 卧龙晓城站 (Wolong Xiaocheng Station)

• 龙山桥站 (Longshanqiao Station)

• 莲坂站 (Lianban Station) …… Foreign Language Bookshop; Jinyi Itl cinema at Mingfa commercial plaza (明发商业广场); Carrefour

火车站 (Xiamen Railway Station)…... Robinsons Galleria, Tesco; underground Wucun bus terminal station & Wucun Underground Commercial Street; small yellow tourist bus 2 to Zengcuo’an

• 文灶站 (Wenzhao Station)…… fabric market

• 二市站 (Ershi Station)…… L5 to Computer City, Bai Lu Zhou Park, Marco Polo bar street, Tasty Life, Xiamen Sports Bar; walk-transfer bus 87 to Xiamen University, Xiada Baicheng & Hulishan Fort

• 斗西路站 (Douxi Lukou Station)

• 思北站 (Sibei Station)

• 开禾路口站 (Kaihe Lukou Station) …… Old Xiamen area with biggest market near the stop; Zhu Shu church; Zhongshan Park

• 第一码头站 (Diyi Matou Station)…… blue connecting L1 bus stops at Lun Du Stop (轮渡) from where you cross over/ go under the road to Zhong Shan Road (中山路) or take a ferry to go to Gulangyu (鼓浪屿); bus 2 goes to Lun Du stop also, & to Xiamen University, Baicheng & Hulishan Fort. In the other direction, you can go to Haiwan Park (Haiwan Gongyuan 海湾公园) by bus 954, which then continues around to Bailuzhou area.




Public Bus Schedules to Xiamen


1. Bus No.950

Time:6:10-23:00 (mostly about every 10 minutes)

Ticket: From Jimei XMUT campus, 2 Yuan for riding on the island, 1 Yuan to Jimei

Stops:(the more common places of interest are listed)

Xiamen North Railway Station厦门北站-> Gong Shang Lv You Xuexiao 工商旅游学校-> (XMUT, Jimei campus) Li Gong Xue Yuan 理工学院集美校区-> Ping YangLi平阳里-> Duishan兑山-> Hujing浒井 -> Lian Sheng Lu Kou 连胜路口站-> Xiawu/ Tian Fengke Zhu 霞梧 (shopping street) -> Sun Cuo Lu Kou孙厝路口 (shopping street, No 2 Hospital, garden centre) -> Jimei District Government/Jimei Coach Station (Jimei Qu Zheng Fu/Jimei Qi Chen Zhan) 集美区政府(集美汽车站) (to Jimei Wanda, long distance coach station, walk to Jimei shops; transfer to Xinglin Bus Station杏林长途汽车站, to Yuan Bo Yuan Nanmen -> Gaoqi高崎-> Gaoqi huoche/ train station 高崎火车站-> Dianqian殿前 (near Airport)-> Malong马垅-> Tangbian塘边-> SM City Square(SM cheng shi guang chang) SM城市广场 (SM shopping malls ,Merry Season, Walmart; transfer for Metro, Yuan Bo Yuan Nanmen)-> Xian Yue Lu Kou仙岳路口-> Lv Cuo North吕厝北-> Lian hua lu kou East莲花路口东-> Lian Ban Guo Mao莲坂国贸 (Mingfa Mall, Jinyi Itl cinema, foreign language bookshop) -> Xiamen Railway Station (Wu Cun Qi Che Zhan 火车站(梧村车站)- (Tesco, Robinsons Galleria, Seashine dept store; transfer for Zhongshan Park, Botanical Gardens, Zengcuo’an; transfer to Bailuzhou Park; walk-transfer to Kinmen Is)> Ji Bang Gong Yuan 金榜公园 ->Wenzao 文灶 (to material market)-> Hou Jiang Dai后江埭-> Er Shi Xi 二市西->Dou Xi Lu Kou斗西路口-> Yan Ke Yi Yuan/Si Bei Optical Hospital思北(眼科医院) ->Kai He Lu Kou开禾路口 (at old Xiamen & market) -> Lun Du轮渡 (to Gulangyu; Zhongshan Lu, Seashine dept store, Taiwan Food Street, Old Xiaman)-> He Ping Ma Tou和平码头-->Women and Children’s Hospital妇幼保健院 (Carrefour) -> Zhen Hai Lu镇海路->Da Sheng Li大生里-> Museum (Bo Wu Guan) 博物馆-> XMUT Siming Campus理工学院思明校区 (Xiamen University, Nanputuo Temple; transfer to Island Ring Road, Xiada Baicheng, Huilishan Fort, Zengzuo’an)


2. Bus No.953


Ticket: From Jimei XMUT campus, whether you go to Jimei or Xiamen Island, the fee is 2 Yuan. Only press the e-card once to pay.

Stops:(Please note that this bus does not stop at Ping YangLi平阳里)

Xiamen North Railway Station厦门北站-> (XMUT, Jimei campus) Li Gong Xue Yuan 理工学院集美校区-> Hujing浒井 ->Xiawu/ Tian Fengke Zhu 霞梧-> Sun Cuo Lu Kou孙厝路口 -> Jimei District Government/Jimei Coach Station (Jimei Qu Zheng Fu/Jimei Qi Chen Zhan) 集美区政府/集美汽车站) ->Gaoqi huoche/ train station(高崎火车站)->Malong马垅->SM City Square(SM cheng shi guang chang) SM城市广场->Lv Cuo North吕厝北-> Lian hua lu kou East莲花路口东-> Xiamen Railway Station (the underground Wucun Bus Terminal by Underground Commercial Street) 火车站(梧村车站地下公交站)


3. Bus No.954


Ticket:From Ying Dai Tou stop on Sunban Nan Lu (walk under the expressway on the side road between XMUT front gate & Ping Yang Li), 2 Yuan to the island, 1Yuan to Jimei

Stops:(the more common places of interest are listed)

Hou Xi Shu Niu Station 后溪枢纽站-> Er Nong station二农站-> Er Nong Industrial Estate Station 二农工业区站-> Xin Tian 新田站-> Xin Cun 新村站-> Hou Xi Xin Cun 后溪新村站-> Qian Jin Cun 前进村站-> Hou Xi 后溪站-> Cheng Nei 城内站-> Lun Shang 仑上站-> Qi Gou 崎沟站-> Dong Zhai 东宅站-> Xiamen Li Gong Xue Yuan 厦门工学院站 (get off here for XMUT)-> Software (Ruan Jian) Xue Yuan 软件学院站-> Gang Tou 港头站-> Ying Dai Tou英埭头站(to Jimei/ Xiamen -> Dui Shan 兑山-> Hu Jing 浒井-> Lian Sheng Lu Kou 连胜路口站-> Xia Wu/Tian Fengke Zhu 霞梧-> Sun Cuo Lu Kou 孙厝路口站-> Jimei District Government/Coach Station (Jimei Qu Zheng Fu/Jimei Qi Chen Zhan) 集美区政府/集美汽车站-> Jimei Train Station 集美火车站-> Gaoqi 高崎站-> Gaoqi huoche / Train Station 高崎火车站-> Dianqian 殿前站 (near Airport) -> Malong 马垅站-> Tangbian 塘边站-> SM City Square (SM cheng shi guang chang) SM 城市广场->(branches off down Xian Yue Lu)-> People’s Armed Police Detachment (Wu Jing Zhi Dui) 武警支队站-> Xian Yue Hua Yuan 仙岳花园站-> Cultural Palace (Wen Hua Gong) 文化宫站-> Cultural Arts Center (Wen Hua Yi Shu Zhong Xin) 文化艺术中心站 -> Yue Yang Xiao Qu 岳阳小区站-> He Tong Lu Kou 和通路口站-> Hai Jia 海嘉 -> Shang Jian 商检 -> Dong Du 东渡站 (same name for the both sides of the road, so show driver where you are going) ( bus 87 to Bailuzhou Park白鹭洲公园 (+L5)→to Puli DaSha stop (普利大厦站) for Computer City(+L5) → Botanical Garden 植物园→ Xiamen University/Nanputuo → Huli Hill Fort (胡里山) → Xiada Baicheng) 厦大白城; in the opposite direction, to TastyLife ,’Marco Polo’ bar street,etc, take L5 or bus 87 & get off at Binbeizhonghang(滨北中行站) or at Bīnběi Zhōngháng zhàn (滨北中行站), and walk down Jianye Road (建业路) towards the lake to CBD café & Tasty Life on corner of Marco Polo bar/ Guanren Lu Bar Street – where Londoner Sports Bar & Apple Travel are; take bus 26 to Xiamen Sports Bar & Le Piano Cafe/Bar -> International Mail Steamer Wharf (Guo Ji You Lun Ma Tou) 国际邮轮码头站-> Gulf Park (Hai Wan Gong Yuan) ( for Haiwan Park recreation, bars, restaurants) 海湾公园站-> Hu Bin Xi Lu/ Hu Bin West Road 海滨西路站-> Si Bei Lu Kou 思北路口站-> Kai He Lu kou 开禾路口站 (at Old Xiamen)-> The First Wharf Parking Lot (Di Yi Ma Tou Che Chang) 第一码头车场站 -> walk to Di Yi Ma Tou BRT (The First Wharf) 第一码头站




A Few Important Destinations

From XMUT North Gate (back gate)


1. To Jimei Bus Station(集美汽车站)on Yinjiang Lu:Take 950; 953. Also known as Jimei District Government/Jimei Coach Station (Jimei Qu Zheng Fu/Jimei Qi Che Zhan) 集美区政府(集美汽车站)

2. To Jimei Wanda (集美万达 ji mei wan da) shopping mall:Take 950; 953 to Jimei Bus Station, and Jimei Wanda is the grand, traditional-styled building behind the Jimei Bus Station. A supermarket is in the basement.

3. To Xiamen North Railway Station (厦门北站)& North Railway station BRT:950; 907; 890; 901, 953 (not 923, nor 905)

4. To Jimei downtown(Shigu Lu石鼓路)Take 901 (last bus 9pm); 923 (last bus 8.30pm). Bus 905 (6.30-19.15) goes along Yindou Lu, & down Xunjiang Lu not Shigu Lu, and ends up at Dragon Boat Pond at the bottom of Shigu Lu. Can also take 950; 953, get off at Jimei Coach Station stop (集美汽车站), then walk under Yinjiang Lu street (using underpass), walk immediately up Jiyuan Lu to Shigu Lu石鼓路 (good option if you just missed a 901 or 923 bus). Other options, especially in the evening when 901 & 923 stop running, take L22 from Shigu Lu to terminal at Xinhuadu/ Jia Geng Tiyuguan, then L21 to its turnaround point on Sunban Nanlu, and catch 907, 950, 953 to XMUT. Bus 954 & 929 continue along Sunban Nanlu, parallel to Ligong Lu, on the other side of the raised expressway by XMUT, and are frequent after about 9.30pm. At night, taxis are expensive from Jimei to Ping Yang Li or XMUT, usually 40RMB, as all the drivers say they can’t get a return fare.

5. To Dragon Boat Pond (Long Zhou Chi 龙舟池) and the tourist attractions as introduced in the section Introduction to Jimei:Buses 901, 923, 905, get off at the terminal.

6. To Jimei Xinhuadu Supermarket(新华都),Watsons pharmacy at Jia Geng Tiyuguan (嘉庚体育馆)BRT stop. From Xiamen North Railway Station BRT stop (厦门北站); 907 or 923 to Yong Xiang Garden (永祥花园), and then walk left on Jimei Dadao-Lehai Lu for 5-10 minutes ; or connect with L21 (on Sunban Nanlu turnaround) or L22 (Shigu Lu, etc.) which terminate at Jia Geng Tiyuguan BRT stop.

7. To BRT stops near XMUT:Bus 907 heading to Jimei to Chengyi Xueyuan 诚毅学院 or Huaqiao Daxue 华侨大学. Or Buses 907, 950, 901, 953, 890 to Xiamen North Train Station (厦门北站) where you are more likely to get a seat at busy times.

8. To Xiamen No.2 Hospital Xiamen (Jimei) (厦门第二医院): Take Bus 950, 953, 901 to Sun Cuo Lu Kou zhan (孙厝路口站) in Tongji Lu, go up the short road nearly opposite the Macchiato Coffee shop, and find the hospital in front of you on Shengguang Lu. The hospital’s name is down the outside of the tall building and is also in English. Bus 905 can be taken to No 2 Hospital on Shengguang Lu.

9. To Haicang Chang Gung Hospital(海沧长庚医院):Take 890. Or take 907 to Xinglin Jian Hang Zhan (杏林建行站) and from there transfer to 680 or 981, get off at Chang Gung Yi Yuan Zhan Stop (长庚医院站). (See also, II Introduction to Xiamen, 13. Medical Guide)

10. To the Xiamen Gaoqi Airport(厦门高崎机场):Catch a 950 to Dian Qian bus stop (殿前站)and then take a taxi for the short distance. Or, on the BRT to Xian Hou Zhan(县后站), then catch the L19 to GaoQi Ji Chang. There is about a 150m walk from GaoQi Ji Chang. Sunny can book a taxi for 60RMB, otherwise off the street around 45RMB.

11. To SM City Square/Mall (SM城市广场 SM Cheng Shi Guang Chang):Bus 950 (45 minutes), 953, 954. There are two blocks for SM: SM City Square/Mall & SM Lifestyle Centre (SM 新生活广场 SM xinshenghuo guangchang) on the opposite side of the road, at the corner.

12. To Foreign Language Bookshop at Lianban(Lianban Waitu Shucheng, Add: No.809 HubinNan Lu, Siming District.莲板外图书城 思明区湖滨南路809号国际文化大厦内): Take bus 950 to LianBan Guomao (莲坂国贸) bus stop (closer), or BRT to LianBan (莲坂站.

13. Damaged (non-XMUT) E-cards for public buses- take BRT to LianBan (莲坂站) or bus 950 to LianBan Guomao (莲坂国贸) bus stop. Go to Guomao DaSha building (国贸大厦) 1st floor. Expect to go back in 10 days’ time taking the receipt. Any money on the damaged card is put onto a new card.

14. To Xiamen Railway Station(厦门火车站):Take 950 and get off at Wucun Chezhan (梧村车站), Xiahe Lu, or take 953 to its terminal at Xiamen Railway Station underground Wucun Bus Terminal by Underground

15. Commercial Street(火车站 (梧村车站地下公交站). Or take BRT Line 1 and get off at Xiamen Railway Station - Huo Che Zhan Stop (火车站).

16. To material/ fabric market for cushions, foam squabs, material, tailoring. From XMUT Jimei, get off at BRT or 950 Wenzhao stop, go to nearby Xiahe Lu & We Yuan Lu corner, go around the corner to the right, cross the road and go up the alley by the very tall building.

17. To Computer City(Bai Nao Hui 百脑汇),BaiLuZhou Park(白鹭洲),Marco Polo Hotel/ bar street vicinity:Take BRT and get off at Er Shi stop (二市站), then take the blue connecting bus L5 or Bus 87 and get off at Puli DaSha stop (普利大厦站) for Computer City, at BaiLuZhou Gong Yuan Zhan (白鹭洲公园站) for BaiLuZhou Park, at Binbei ZhongHang Zhan (滨北中行站) & walk down Jianye Road (建业路) to CBD Café, Tasty Life, Marco Polo Hotel and bar street which has Londoner Sports Bar & Apple Travel. Alternatively, you can take bus 954 to Dong Du 东渡站, then catch L5 or bus 87 (same bus stop name for the both sides of the road, so show driver where you are going) to Bailuzhou Park白鹭洲公园→to Puli DaSha stop (普利大厦站) for Computer City. ; or, from Dong Du东渡站 to TastyLife ,’Marco Polo’ bar street, etc., take L5 or bus 87 to Binbeizhonghang zhan(滨北中行站) or Bīnběi Zhōngháng zhàn (滨北中行站), and walk down Jianye Road (建业路) towards the lake.

18. To Zhong Shan Lu(中山路)and Gulangyu Islet(鼓浪屿) :Bus 950 and get off at Lun Du Zhan (轮渡站), then either take the underpass, under Lujiang Lu, to Zhong Shan Lu, or take the ferry to Gulangyu Islet. A watch repairman is near the corner of Siming Nanlu & Zhongshan Lu, on the RH side from Lujiang Lu, above a snack shop.

19. To Xiamen University(Xia'da厦大),XMUT Siming campus, Nan Pu Tuo Temple(南普陀)or the coast:Take 950 to its terminal at Li Gong Xue Yuan bus stop (理工学院站) (XMUT Siming campus), which is then a 5-10 minute walk down hill on Si Ming Nan Lu (思明南路) to Nan Pu Tuo Temple and to Xiamen University (Xia’da) West Gate (厦门大学西门). Take the BRT to Er Shi stop (二市站); catch bus 87 south to Xia’da, Xiada Baicheng & Hulishan Fort.

20. To Xinglin long distance coach station (杏林长途汽车站 Xinglin Chang Tu Qi Che Zhan),such as for express bus to Zhangzhou or sleeper bus to Shenzhen. However, tickets can also be bought at the Jimei Coach station from where there is a linking bus to Xinglin. Take bus 907 for about 15-20 minutes and get off before the overhead railway/express bridge.